ratatata... i'm dancing in my boots

As you may have noticed I've been wearing trousers for the past few days. I really did miss wearing pants and super glad that I still fit into my old pairs. Don't you just hate it when you gain weight and need to give-away your beloved clothes coz they don't fit you anymore?

black tee: Folded & Hung
loose trousers: Cotton On
black platform booties: SeibuFashion

platform booties I got from SeibuFashion's spree

P.S. To those asking about my green pants I got from SM in my I'm green & growing post they're from the brand Shopaholic (Teen Section). :D

6 said something:

  1. great post! i'm having my first blog giveaway, lots of Stila Cosmetics to be won, maybe you'd like to enter? it's open to all readers. Thanks! =)

  2. gaaaaaaah! i want those trousers!!!!!

  3. The platform boots are a gorgeous shape and height and the design does remind me somewhat of the Prada canvas wedges that have caused so much uproar but which I happen to love.

  4. Those boots are freakin' awesome! So chic. ;)

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