we fade to moto black

Just recently discovered Oxygen and I am in love! Hahaha. I don't really go to malls that much so I don't really get to check out our local stores. I went in Oxygen's shop awhile ago and I wonder why have I discover them just now? I so wanna take home all their clothes! Unfortunately with my limited budget I can't but I did get a pair of jeans. Can't wait to wear them out!!!

black patent motorcycle jacket: H&M
green tank: Giordano
cropped low crotch trousers: Folded & Hung
peep toe lace-up wedge boots: Asian Vogue

8 said something:

  1. loooove that jacket! and the color scheme. looking great Llyoda.

  2. looove ze jacket! i thought it was from Oxygen. Haha!

  3. awwww i love everything! and your floral pants from promod is love!

    have a great weekend, guapa ^^


  4. Oxygen is for people who wear lots of monochromatic colors. ;) I love their Megamall branch, parang nandun na lahat ng new stocks.

    And for sale items, I check out their MOA and Market2 branch. :)

  5. I seriously love your style!
    Jacket envy :)

    ~ burningskyy.tumblr.com

  6. THAT JACKET IS DEFINITELY LOOOVE AT FIRST SIGHT..hehehe. Oh, I love Oxygen too.. I wanna buy everything there. haha



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