stripes on you

Last week I got invited to the Forever21 Makati V.I.P. launch. I wasn't able to take pictures 'coz silly me, brought my camera but forgot to insert the memory card in. So yeah. What's the use of a digital camera with out it's memory card eh? It was great seeing almost all the fashion bloggers there! :)

What I wore:

black boyfriend blazer: Giordano Ladies
grey striped maxi dress: Pill
black multi strand necklace: Forever21
chain belt: Giordano Ladies
platforms: Jessica Simpson
metallic tote: Longchamp

And I got featured in Daryl Chang's blog. I'm so kilig with what she wrote! :) 
Preview best-dressed 2010 Loida Lim. Best dressed talaga sya, and I'm proud to say that I spotted her in one event and got her in the list. She really deserves it.

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