myshoephoria shoe shopping at Adora

Last week the top 10 winners of the MyShoephoria contest was invited to a shoe shopping at Adora's shoe mecca.

It was great fun meeting fellow shoe lovers! 

Choosing which pair I want to take home... so many pretty shoes to choose from.

The shoes I brought home with me. A pair of sexy loafer heels from Schutz! :)

camel blazer: Zara
white tank: Giordano
black jeans: Giordano Ladies
black pumps: Urban Original

10 said something:

  1.  Oh my god, awesome for you! And that blazer is amazing!!

  2. thanks! i am very happy to have won! and shoes at that!!! :)

  3. love it, Lloyda!:) perfect pick! 

  4.  lucky girl and nice pick of shoes. I also like your blazer :)

  5.  shoe heaven! and nice awesome blazer too!

  6. and you arrived late (more than an hour) in the event tsk tsk next time be sensible to other people's time :)

  7. It was very inconsiderate of me to be late for the event. I apologize.



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