bare bones

Remember when I said that I only bought one thing during the Bloggers United Bazaar? Well this is what I got. A ribcage necklace from OS! I promised my husband that I won't buy anything during the bazaar. That's one reason why I didn't really go around much lest I get tempted and buy clothes yet again. But I couldn't help not buy anything from OS. (Their necklaces were sold out by the end of the bazzar!) Their collection of bone necklaces are really unique and morbidly cute, don't you think? Their 1st collection is worth checking out! I'm thinking of getting myself another one. I really like the Bone Tie. I reckon it's another versatile piece of jewelry.

So I decided to pair my ribcage necklace with something cutesy so that they necklace would stand out. My sister even told me that she thought my top is cute not realizing that I was just wearing a plain black top.

dress: given to me by my mum
necklace: OS
bag: Zara
Bena wedges: Gold Dot

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