frou frou

The clothes I'm wearing are my old clothes from a couple of years back. I recently unearthed them from my old clothes box in the attic whilst I searching for stuff to sell for Bloggers United. I love finding my old stuff. Like what they say: make old new again. It's like having new clothes without spending. Speaking of spending... I'm putting myself on a self imposed shoping ban for a little while. Seeing how much stuff I've acquired over the years of impulsive shopping made me realize that I still have a lot of clothes I've yet to wear. So yeah! Let's see if I can make it. No shopping for clothes or shoes for a month.

pale pink jacket: Zara
white tank: G2000
skirt: bought in HongKong
tan bag: Zara
shoes: Schutz

p.s. I'll anounce the winners of the Chicify giveaway this weekend! So wait for that! ;)

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