comfy pants

I am absolutly happy that I finally got to watch the last movie installement of Harry Potter. It was brilliant! Totally love it. Just one remark though. How come they did not aged the kids faces during 19 years later part. Everyone still looks like their in their teens! Well maybe with the exception of their hair & clothes... but still! Hahaha. Oh and I am super happy that I finally got to find a kiosk that sells ribbon fries again. Oh how I miss eating that. I use to go to Robinson's Galleria before just to buy myself those fries. Imagine my great sadness when suddenly they were gone. I am a junkfood junkie. I'm afraid to say.

Decided to wear something ultra comfy today. I love how super comfortable this outfit is. I feel like I'm wearing lounge wear! Love! :)

black top: Giordano Ladies
grey wide leg pants: Giordano Concepts
black & white wedge: Gold Dot
black bag: Giordano Ladies

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