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So out came my jackets again as the weather been pretty cold lately with the constant rain for the past few days. Though I'm not very happy with the cold weather as I think it is the main reason why my little boy got sick! He caught a cold. The poor thing.

I'm back to my usual all black outfit for this kind of gloomy weather we're having. I feel like black is always the best outfit colour for dark gloomy skies.

One thing I like about wearing platforms when it's raining... my feet don't get wet from rain puddles! 

black blazer: Giordano Ladies
grey cami: Giordano
black jumpsuit: bought online
platform sandals: Virtual Mae

6 said something:

  1. pretty shoes and pretty outfit!

  2. Cute shoes Lloyda!


  3. thanks! i love them coz they are really stretchy. wore this a lot when i was pregnant. :)



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