munny munny munny

Last Friday the husband and I went to Secret Fresh for the Amanda Visell and Beast Brothers toy launch. (You can see me in their blog post lining up to have our toys signed. Hehehe.) The husband & I are a huge vinyl toy fans... so of course we have to attend the said launch. :)

DIY Munnies we had the artists doodle for us.
DIY Munnies by (L-R) Carlos East of The Beast Brothers, Nichole East "The Baroness", Amanda Visell, Michelle Valigura

A small part of our Dunny collection. Most are still in their boxes as we want to have a display cabinet for them made.
Dunnies + huge customized Dunny head - Sugar skull #2 by The Beast Brothers (middle)

What I wore:

maxi lace sheer dress: fab
black patent tote: Giordano Ladies
black ballet flats: rubi

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