tauping out

Lately I've been busy preparing my son's 1st birthday party! Imagine that!!! My little boy is turning one in a month! Been busy running around getting stuff finalize and all that. I went to Divisoria last Sunday to  buy toys for prizes and it was something! I love it there! All the toys at really affordable prices! And I saw some of the stalls sells those really cute ballpens. I'm definitely coming back for those! Hahahaha. I'm such a sucker for cute stationery.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Jeffrey Campbell? He got the most awesome shoes ever! And his shoes are super comfortable! I can run in these even though they look so chunky & heavy. These Lita's are one of the comfiest shoes I've ever owned. I want to collect Jeffrey Campbell shoes! 

khaki dress: Zara
taupe boots: Jeffrey Campbell "Lita"

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