creepers meepers

I'm currently reviving my old shoes from the good old days. These creepers is one of those shoes. I recently remembered them when Karl of inkarlcerating & I were talking about shoes as we always do. Karl is my shoe BFF. We like to obsessed over fierce awesome shoes online. :)

Anyways, today was spent running around for last minute stuff for the little boy's party this Saturday. Imagine that! My baby is turning ONE! It seems just like yesterday I was sporting a huge tummy and waddling like a duck. Hahaha.

cropped stripes top: from my sister's closet
black tank: Giordano Ladies
black maxi skirt: Giordano Ladies
black leggings: Giordano
ribcage necklace: OS
black geometric necklace: SM department store
white creepers: Double Decker

7 said something:

  1. OS necklace looks great with that top! :)

  2. I like your necklace! So, unique!

  3. haha nmay special mention talaga. thanks.. yey.. ako tlga magpapaalala sau. dami mo kasing shoes.. u look great lloydie !

  4. thank karl! you know i love you!



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