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If you're a regular reader of my blog you'll know that I shop a huge deal online. Ever since I've given birth I seldon get to go to the malls. Thankful that there are a lot of great stuff to be found online. One of the site I frequently is Multiply. With their new launched Multiply Marketplace. Shopping has never been this easier!

Since I'm bored I decided to share the stuff I found & want in the Multiply Marketplace. Online window shopping never hurt anyone... but it sure does will hurt your near empty wallet when you get tempted to click the Buy Now button! hahaha.

Blue Polka Dot Dress

Price: Php650

I am a sucker for anything polkadots!!! I think this dress is perfect for a casual weekend date with the family.

NYX Nude on Nude Palette

Price: Php1200

I want this palette!!! I'm currently dabbling in make-up and I think this is perfect for beginners like me!

Green "Tonic" stripes lace-up platforms

Price: Php2299

I have the same pair but in pink I wore here. Was also thinking of getting the green since this colour combo is so fresh in the eyes! Watermelon colour! :)

Black Lolita dress with petticoat

Price: Php1400

Reminded me of my Japanese Harajuku style phase a few years back. Chou kawaii!!!

Rosary type Korean necklace

Price: Php180

I love these type of trendy necklaces/accessories and you can't beat the price!!!

Braided strap watch

Price: Php500

How cute is this?!?!?!

Brown Strap Peeptoe Wedge

Price: Php1640

I think these wedges would look great with summer dresses & shorts.

Satchel Type Laptop bag

Price: Php2800

I am in love with this multiply seller's items! Tough Brat Bags carry super stylisg satchel type leather laptop bags! Drooling!

Human Heart Nature Body Butter

Price: Php249.75

I love human heart nature products! When I was pregnant last year I bought all the organic stuff I could get my hands on and human heart nature products surely met my expectations.

Tomy Aqua Draw 'n Doodle Magic Play Mat

Price: Php750

No mess doodle mat for the little kids!
BOX4BLOX Lego Organizer / Box / Storage

Price: Php4200

The BOX4BLOX works by simply grading the Lego pieces through a series of grids, so they end up in a tray with similar sized Lego pieces. Lego pieces can be easily found from the individual trays, without having to tip them all over the floor. So cool!!!

Kidrobot Dunny 2011 Dril One Gas Mask

Price: Php600

The hubby and I like collecting vinyl toys and the Dunny series are one of the stuff we collect. Gotta love them!

I think that's enough for now or else I'll go on & on and post a whole bunch of stuff. There are still a lot of other great stuff to be found in Multiply. I'll leave that to you to discover. Send me a link or two of other great Multiply stores you know, ok?

Heeeee... I could spend the whole day just looking at the stuff I can buy. Hahaha. And I still wonder why I always end up broke even without leaving the house to shop?!?

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