yellow matter

Yes, I'm back to wearing my maxi skirts again. I just love them!

black tank: Giordano
yellow maxi skirt: SM
black oversized tote: Giordano
platform sandals: courtesy of Asian Vogue

8 said something:

  1. SM sure has lots of good finds! You look fantastic as always Lloyda!

  2. Love this! Simple and chic! Not a big fan of yellow but this looks awesome on you!

  3. thank you. :) not a huge fan of the colour myself but it's good to inject some colours into my otherwise boring wardrobe. :)

  4. love your skirt and shoes lloydie. 

  5. i want to try wearing maxi skirt but i'm afraid it might swallow me whole!! :P i'm just 5 feet tall.. watchatink?

  6. Don't be scared of wearing maxis! I'm the same height as you. The secret is getting the right proportions and don't forget to wear heels! :)



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