Are you a coffee enthusiast? A coffee lover who loves to entertain at home? How about a budding cafe owner? You might be interested in this latest offering from Studio SnR with their  Coffee Tea BY Me Series! 

The 3-hour hands-on BE YOUR OWN BARISTA workshop will teach hot beverages and ice blended drinks preparation techniques, equipment handling and care, Q&A answered by the industry's best. Participants will be asked to craft their versions of java fixes  (winners get a special prize, among other things). It will allow the participants to do hands on training on coffee and tea preparations, learn the basics. A for-the-home workshop, this is not a certificate course on being a professional barista. Participants though do get to bring home starter kits and recipe booklets so they can replicate these at the comforts of their home :)  

Fee: P3,000.00/pax inclusive of all materials but PROMO price is P2,700.00/pax until September 27,2011.

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