drapes all around

It's so weird. Everytime I'm pregnant I have this on going obsession with make-up. So lately I got myself a bunch of NYX lipsticks from Digital Traincase shop at Multiply Marketplace. I'm thinking of getting some eyeshadows & eyeliners next.

I know I shouldn't be wearing heels as I am pregnant but I thought since I'll be sitting almost the whole day at the office anyway I might as well wear my heels whilst I still can before my feet & legs turn into tree stumps again. Hahahaha

My outfit peg today is all about drapes. Drapes drapes drapes. Drapes on the trousers, vest & tank. 

3D black vest: Giordano Ladies
grey double layer tank: Oxygen
geometric print drape trousers: Forever21
black cut out booties: Five by Five

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