How We Wear It: Rocking Horse Shoes

Karl, the blogger behind the famous blog, inkarlcerating and I share a great deal of obsession with shoes. I consider him my shoe best friend. We often send text messages in the middle of the night just to talk about shoes we found online. It's funny how we often like the same style of shoes and funny enough we often end up ordering the same pair! I suppose it's because we share the love for platforms and wedges. 

Karl & I thought of this really cute idea of coming up with this shoe collaboration since like I said we own a number of the same shoes. First up is this amazing rocking horse kilted loafers we ordered from Asian Vogue. Don't you just love how androgynous this pair is? It's so Japanese street style too!!!

photo by: inkarlcerating

How Karl styled his:
Karl styled his shoes with his usual androgynous layered style. I love how put together he is with all his layers + drapes. 
 neckpiece - Crossings / shirt - Emporio Armani / skirt - nudeclothing / shoes - Asian Vogue / leggings - H&M

vest - undercover / tank top - thrifted / skirt - sportmax / pants - Giordano / shoes - Asian Vogue

How I styled mine: 
I'm in my usual black outfit. I really like black-on-black styling. Who says black have to be boring? :]
hat - H&M / tee - Giordano Ladies / shorts - SM department store / shoes - Asian Vogue

dress - Giordano Ladies / shoes - Asian Vogue

Do hop on to Karl's blog entry for his side of this collaboration and for my 2 other outfit photo with the rocking horse shoes! :]

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