neon legs

My mum was cleaning out her closet a few weeks ago (Yes! I know! Again!) and she gave a few pairs of pants to my younger sister. This pair was part of that bunch. My sister is not really fond of bright colours especially when it's neon & pink!!! So lucky me... she gave them to me. Since the colour of the pants was so shocking. I decided to pair it with a comfy heather grey tee and floral platforms. Just a casual outfit for a non-eventful day.

grey tee: from a bazaar
neon pink jeans: Mango
floral platforms: Jellybean

Check out my awesome shoes I ordered from Chick Flick via Multiply. I love the black heels of this particular pair! I was suppose to wear these babies today but discovered that they sent me the wrong size! And I was wondering why my feet were sliding off the shoes. Hahahah. It's because these shoes were two sizes too big! But Chick Flick is very easy to talk to. They will send me the right pair tomorrow! Whoopee!!!

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