Nomama Artisanal Ramen

A couple of days ago my husband & I brought the little boy to this new ramen place in Quezon City called Nomama Artisanal Ramen for late lunch. The husband & I are great fans of ramen. We are always in search of great ramen places around the Metro. If you follow me on twitter you know how great my appetite and cravings are now that I'm pregnant. So I was very happy to try this new place out since I was craving for something Japanese that day. 

The interiors of Nomama is nice & simple. It's somewhat what our new apartment going to look like... (Yes! We are finally moving into our own place maybe by the end of this year or early next.) with it's concrete walls & floors. 

Eli was particularly fond of their bar stools! :)

I wanted to order something from the raw compositions part of their menu but of course I'm not allowed to! Boo! The beef tataki with chips looks interesting. 

For our starter we tried the Beef Curry Rib Gyoza. You know what they say that a ramen bar is not a ramen bar without gyoza! We gave Eli a gyoza and he liked it very much. He enjoyed chewing the beef & little tiny potatoes inside. 

Next we had Soft Shell Crab Salad. I love soft shell crab. The crab was very flavourful. I totally enjoyed this dish but the husband thought it was oily. Hehehe. He's a much healthy eater than I. :p

I ordered the Japanese Steak and Fries (Kitayama Flank Steak) as my main dish. I also ordered a bowl of Japanese white rice. I know that's very Pinoy of me. I like eating my steak with rice. Hehehe. I must say I was quite surprise how juicy the steak was. I also love the French beans! 

My husband ordered Curry Short Ribs with Roasted Kobacha for everyone. The beef was tender & flavourful. The veggies were a nice touches. The green beans added some freshness to the dish. 

We ordered the Nomama Ramen to share. The flavour of the soup was subtle comparing to the other ramen places we've tried. We loved the Japanese egg! It's the only place (as far as I could remember) that serves this kind of soft boiled egg. 

Teppanyaki Vegetables was just normal. Nothing spectacular. We ordered this for my husband's daily vegetable intake. 

and at last for dessert we ordered the Kit Kat Bar. It tastes like chocnut. We polished this in like a few seconds! Hahahaha.

We will definitely go back to try out the other stuff in their menu. The servers were friendly & attentive.  We got to Nomama quite late and even though they're closing for the afternoon they didn't make us feel unwelcome or rushed.

Nomama Artisanal Ramen is located at G/F FSS Bldg 2, Scout Tuason cor Scout Castor Streets, Quezon City.
Tel# 0917-5228272 / 5422558

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