Why we buy...

I attended the Buyology Symposium at SMX this afternoon with my sister to listen to Mr. Martin Lindstrom talk about the reason behind why we buy. It was an interesting seminar and I got to learn a lot of great things about branding and how great Apple is with their's. I ask you... how many here belong to "The Church of Apple"? 

I decided to wear a black tank dress today. I thought since I'm pretty sure the seminar will be filled with business people I might as well look the part right? I resurrected my Goody Spin Pin. Now I remember why I was so obsessed with this great contraption. 

hair by Goody

black balloon blouson: Giordano Ladies
black double tank dress: Giordano Ladies
"Adam" leopard print pumps: So! F.A.B.

Have I mentioned how much I love Giordano Ladies? I simply looooove all my Giordano Ladies clothes! And the FW11 collection is love! I cannot wait for the launch this Monday (Sept 12)! 

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