grey weather sweater dressing

When I got these awesome lace boots in the mail today I knew I have to wear them right away! Look how pretty kick ass they are!!! Good thing I was wearing a grey/black colour palette today so they fit right in with my outfit. 

Thank you Seibufashion Shop for sending them! For those who doesn't know Seibufashion Shop is one of the first Multiply shops I've ordered from way back in maybe around 2005/2006 (heeee.... I can't remember). Yes, I've been online shopping in Multiply for such a long time already. Don't you just love online shopping? It's super fun that you can go shopping even in your jammies at some ungodly hour! And I tell you it is addicting!!! 

As of the moment Seibufashion Shop is offering a U.S. Spree until November 12, 2011. For those who are interested in ordering stuff from U.S. based sites but have no Paypal or credit card, here is your chance! Do check it out. The shop also offer pre-order of Asian fashion items. Great selection of jackets, shoes, bags and clothes to choose from. 

black & grey jacket: Oxygen
grey sweater dress: Giordano Concepts
black belt: Giordano
black cycling shorts: SM department store
lace boots: Seibufashion Shop

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