oxfords tuesday: little black dress

Let me tell you a secret. I am super envious of people who are very good in mix & matching. Truth be told I think it is actually better to have a limited wardrobe because you will get to maximize your clothes. I am strongly lacking in this department (Well, you might want to add accessorizing in there too!) this mixing & matching clothes or the fact that I simply find it hard to remix my old clothes. I'm not saying that I don't re-use my clothes because I do. I am just having a hard time coming up with new ways of wearing them. I get stuck with just one outfit idea. Have you ever visited the blog, The Uniform Project? I am in awe with her remixing skills! Imagine wearing the same dress for a year yet she made it work! She came up with a lot of different looks and looked superb!

Take this dress I'm wearing now. I've worn this dress a number of times but I often styled it in a similar way. With black coordinates. Can you suggest some other way for me to wear this dress?

blazer: Forever21 / detachable collar: diy / dress: Giordano Ladies / oxfords: Giordano Ladies

check out my patent panel oxfords!

Loving my new reversible cape! I think it would look lovely paired with skinny jeans or trousers, yeah?

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