When you are a blogger you tend to try out a lot of trends. I just realize whilst looking at my closet awhile ago that I've kinda out grown a whole bunch of my trendier clothes. I think I am getting older as the youngish looking clothes looks quite funny on me. I tried a couple of frilly pastel dresses awhile ago and I think they don't fit me at all now. I reckon I better stick to what I know is suitable to my age & my style. Something like this: a pair if trousers, loose tops and statement shoes in my neutral BWG palette. I better start sticking to not so trendy clothes and classic pieces but those with a twist. In other words, I need keep in mind that not all trends would look good on me. Just because it looks great on say Rumi doesn't mean it would look great on me. Hahaha. I need to learn to edit & choose wisely now whilst shopping. Learn to buy things that would mesh with the clothes that's already in my closet. I have to start maximizing my clothes. I'm ashamed to say that my cost per wear ratio for clothes are really low.

 knit top: Giordano Ladies
grey trousers: blue navy

A bonus picture of me with Eli!
I recently got this cute turquoise sunnies. Too bad that Eli kinda broke it after taking this picture. Hahaha.

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