What I wore to the Clinique party

As of the moment I am super obsessed with maxi skirts. I was so happy when I found this particular skirt in Topshop at 50% off (last piece in my size too!) I totally love the eggplant colour since I am trying to collect maxi skirts in a bunch of different colours. Since I'm pregnant I was thinking of going to make maxi skirts as one of my pregnancy uniform. :)

I love my makeup here c/o Paolo & Clinique. Just want to share a small tip I got from Paolo. Did you know that if you're going to buy a foundation you should buy one shade darker than your skin tone? If you have a lighter shade foundation don't throw it away coz you can use it as a highlighter! Cool eh? 

This is my fierce look! Hahaha. 

black dresss (worn as a top): Giordano Ladies
eggplant maxi skirt: TopShop
black oxfords: Giordano Ladies

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