Carioca Resort 2012

Carioca refers to a native or inhabitant of Rio de Janeiro. The designers have always been fascinated with the Brazilian beach lifestyle and if only we can wear caftans and tunics everyday wouldn't it be great eh? Hence the name and the line.

The Carioca piece is not only for the beach. Each and every piece created is something you pack with you to a beach getaway and not store at the back of your closet when you return home. They too are made for you to revel in and survive the urban heatwave. In a manner that is all so chic and effortless.

Catch Carioca this Friday at the Brown Bag Vintage and Crafts Market at Filipinas Heritage Library. Find these and more in different colors and prints, a lot of which are one-offs (some even vintage!), at this specialty artisan market.

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