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I know I haven't been blogging much lately. It's the season where I am busy stuffing myself with food! Hahahaha. Anyway, I am super excited as we will be flying to Hong Kong next week with the little boy! I cannot wait for Eli to experience his first plane ride! We will be going to Hong Kong Disneyland for sure! I just hope that there won't be too much people.... though I am sure it's going to be packed as we will go there during Boxing Day! I will surely post our Hong Kong trip pictures here! :)))

Simple outfit for the past few days. I just cannot be bothered to dress up now. Especially now most of my clothes won't fit me anymore. Then the fact that I am in a shopping ban... so I am recyling almost all the dresses that would fit me. Hahahaha. I'm so predictable these days. And yes, I am always in flats! I'm wearing one of my fave flats from Paisley Clothing. They are ultra comfy! Don't you just love ultra comfy clothes like dress, bag, and loafers. You can find similar stuff like that at Walmart.

dress: DKNY
bag: vintage

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