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I've been obsessing with organic soaps & shampoos these past few days. I finally found my Cyleina organic soap loot I got from the first Bloggers United event last May. So I'm trying out their famous Organic Tomato Soap to try to dry out & clear up my bacne. Yes, unfortunately my bacne got really worse now that I'm pregnant. Ah hormones! I recently finished my Human Heart Nature shampoo and I just ordered a couple of shampoos (plus a few organic soaps) from All Organics. Can't wait to get them! 

Anyways, going to what I'm wearing... another of my secret for pregnancy dressing? Wear black! Even though my parents always reprimand me for wearing black coz they think it's not great for my pregnancy chi. Hahahaha. But I swear that black is always so slimming and so easy to wear. I'm trying to play down my tummy and I think it's working in this outfit, yeaah? ;)

lace tank: Giordano Ladies
skirt: from my mum
ballet flats: Giordano Ladies

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