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It's the time of the year again where the search for next year's planner is on. I am a sucker for planners especially those cute ones. I have been a planner user ever since high school. I love writing down stuff from my day to day life in my planners. I wish I still have my old planners from high school though but they are long lost. I must have misplaced them somewhere. Great thing that I've kept my old planners from 2005 until last year. I love looking at my old planners. I've rounded them up for this post along with my other new unused planners from my planner collection.

Eli playing with my old planners as I was taking pictures of them.

My old planners from 2005 until 2010

My fave planners: 2005, 2009 & my current planner for 2011.

2005 is the year I started using planners again. I got this planner as a freebie from a Japanese magazine. I really love this one coz it's ultra light & really cute with the rate your day thingie. 

 My first ever Starbucks planner! My husband (then boyfriend) always gives me a Starbucks planner every year. Compared from my 2005 planner this one is quite heavy but I love how roomy the weekly pages are.

 Another Starbucks planner for 2007. I think this is one of my least fave planners as this is really bulky! Plus I do not like the ring bind. Makes writing harder. :p But I still love how huge the day space are though. I can cram a lot of things in it.

 Decided to buy the Paulo Coelho planner this year rather than using the Starbucks & Belle De Jour planners I got. I love the heavy duty semi glossy papar of this planner. The downside? Another heavy planner! 

 This is one of my ultimate fave planner ever! I pre-ordered this from Seibu Fashion at Multiply. It's a blank planner from Korea wherein you'll fill out the dates yourself. I swear the Koreans have the cutest planners!!! My obsession with calendar stamps & mini rubber stamps started with this planner. I super love the uber cute illustrations and how small & handy this planner is. 

Just in case you are interested Seibu Fashion is having a 2012 planner pre-order until this Dec 10 only! So hurry!

 I went back to the Starbucks planner this year. I don't know the reason why I did coz I still have a lot of unused Korean planners I bought from 2009. Hahaha. 

I got this planner from Fully Booked for around P250 or so. This reminds me of my 2009 Korean planner. But I think this is from China (but copied from a Korean planner). The paper used for this one is a little less nice than the Korean ones and this one has a misprint (Suanday instead of Sunday). But I still love the compactness & cuteness of this planner. I need to write smaller again to be able to include all my notes & such for the day as this one have limited space to write on obviously. 

My planner collection (some of the unused planners I have in my collection). I wasn't able to take photos of all of them.

I love every single planner  I have in my collection. :) I love looking at them when I'm bored. 

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