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Don't you just love flat comfy shoes? I love them at the moment! Super huge fan! Don't get me wrong I still love those monster platform heels but at my condition at the moment I better stick to flats. Thankful to the lovely girls of Chilli Margarita for these awesome comfy Tucson boots they sent over! These are super perfect!!!! I've been wearing them for the past few days. Love them to bits. 

My feet are starting to swell up now as I am nearing my third trimester. Ah I just hate it when my legs looks like tree stumps. Hahahaha! But no complaints here! I mean, I haven't told you guys that I'm going to have a girl have I? Yes! I am going to have a girl! I am mighty excited! Now I can dress my baby up in all the tutus and dresses I want. Teehee! :)

dress: kashieca

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