Beautiful hair with Pantene

Can you say BAD HAIR DAY?!?
Can you say buhaghag?!?
I am one of the girls who don’t really care much about hair & beauty stuff. As you know there are days that I don’t even comb my hair and most of the time I have bad hair days (see photos for proof!). The remedy for that is either but my hair up in a ponytail or a messy bun. And that is what I am always sporting most of the time these past few days. Oh and the humidity is not even helping at all!

So what does a girl to do? Invest in a moisturizing conditioner of course. But then there goes another problem. Since I am the wash & wear type of girl I certainly don’t want to have smooth beautiful hair in the morning then have buhaghag hair in the middle of the day. But that is what happened to my hair to most of the conditioners I’ve tried. Thankful for the most recent conditioner I’ve tried: Pantene! After air drying my hair feels soft, moisturized & shiny! This is definitely a huge plus in my lazy girl book!

I recently read in an article that the first thing men notice about a girl is her hair. Yes! You read that right! More so than other parts of the body! So what does a girl need for a soft 24 hours smooth hair? Use Pantene Conditioner of course! Pantene Conditioner has 80% more conditioning ingredient vs. regular conditioners. I would totally say that I am now a Pantene convert. :)

See what other women have to say about their 24-hour smooth hair:!

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