sunflower girl

Lately I've been sporting dresses all the time coz I don't have bottoms to fit me anymore. But then I am not complaining coz I love dresses! They are one of the easiest thing to throw on and they are really cute! :) This sunflower dress was given to me by my mum. She is disposing a bunch of her clothes that won't fit her anymore. So yey! Lucky me! I haven't been shopping for awhile. It's weird since I have no desire to go shopping for anything fashion related. I know... weird.... but speaking of shopping. I have been quite obsessed with cute stationery lately. So I decided to turn this obsession into a business! Hahahaha! So if you do have the chance to visit my online shop, please do! It's I'm selling Korean planner stickers, rubber stamps, notebooks and other really cute stuff!  Don't you just love stationery? I am super obsessed with them and love to look at stationery & office supplies at Office Depot. I swear! I love them planners, stickers, rubber stamps, notebooks and the likes.

dress: given to me by mum
shoes: c/o Ferretti Shoes

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