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It is one of my dream to open a stationery/novelty shop. I've been a huge fan of stationery (especially cute ones) ever since I could remember. Thankfully my husband supported me when I told him that I wanted to start an online stationery/novelty store.

Here are some of the Korean planners I'm selling. They are really cute and beautifully made. All are open dated, thus you can start when ever you want to.

Here are some of the really cute & adorable Korean planners we have available at hobbydepot.

The truth is I am obsessed with planners! In fact I collect them. It's so difficult to find cute planners here in our country so I thought I might as well bring in some so that I could share these cuteness to people! Hahahaha. 

and then there are the absolutely adorable Korean planner stickers and deco stickers! I am in love with these! I usually look at them whenever I am sad and they cheer me up! 

How about rubber stamps for your cute planners? I love those too! Check these cute mini stamps:

Coming soon are these adorable earphone plugs or ear caps in loads of different designs!!! Yes, I am obsessed with anything cute and love to share them with you guys. :)

and more other cutesy kawaii stuff to come! :)

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  1. please please please open like, an fb store or something :D are you still selling this stuff??



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