feng sui colour coded

I know this blog have been pretty quiet lately. It's hard to dress around the baby bump even though I really try to still look presentable... it is quite hard especially when you are running out of clothes that would fit you! I refuse to buy maternity clothes and unfortunately lost the only 2 pairs of maternity shorts I bought during my first pregnancy. So now I am always in dresses... good thing I have my mum & aunt who I can borrow clothes from. Heeeee...

Lately I've been dressing up in these colours as my mum told me that a Feng Sui master listed a bunch of lucky colours for me & my baby. Black is considered good (Yey!) and grey to be one of the best colour for me. So yep, no complains there. :)

orange dress: Mango
black loafers: Giordano Ladies

grey maxi dress: Maldita
black lace-up booties: c/o Chilli Margarita

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