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Last week I attended the bloggers event of McCormick at Fully Booked High Street. I know you must be wondering what a style blogger like me doing at a food event? Well aside from fashion I am an avid foodie! Hahaha. I LOVE to eat! I really do! So of course when McCormick contacted me if I wanted to attend their event I said yes. My husband is a huge fan of their products. He just love his spices. ;)

The McCormick spices

These bread spreads are really yummy! Love them with crackers & melba toasts! Nomnomnom.

 They had a cook off game where bloggers had to make a dish with McCormic spices. Good thing I wasn't chosen coz I do not know how to cook!

Rosemary tea!!! You can get the recipe on how to make this at home at their newly launched Facebook app called McCormick Flavor HQ

Flavor HQ is a unique and practical app that features recipes containing McCormick's herbs and spices. The recipes range from appetizers to mains to desserts and even beverages.

Why not start your wonderful flavor exploration with a healthy appetizer of Herb Crouton Salad. Follow it with a flavorful serving of Gingered Chicken with Mango and Cilantro. Complete the meal with Rosemary Chocomint Cookies and wash it all down with Mexican Coffee.

While the recipe names connote a wealth of flavorful goodness, little is it known that the featured recipes also have a good impact on our overall health. Healthy herbs and spices, also known as the McCormick Super Spices, are frequently highlighted to showcase that these dishes are not only packed with good flavor, but are also good for you.

In line with McCormick's tagline Brings Passion to Flavor, Flavor HQ pushes users to be creative and to take inspiration from the collection of recipes featured so they can create their own.

So ready to discover flavors? Go to using any computer. You may access the mobile site at

But I was picked to play their guess the spice. Of course I failed this one and only got 1 correct out of 5 dishes. 

McCormick spices in Singles pack. 
Available in Black Pepper, White Pepper, Cinnamon, Chili Powder, Garlic Powder, Oregano, Red Pepper, Spanish Paprika & Turmeric

Wearing my awesome Gold Dot Desiree Wedge! Love!

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