Galaxy print clothing have been bloggers favourite item for some time now. Who can blane them when it's oh so cool? When I saw this sheer galaxy dress from the racks of primadonna, I knew I have to get it. Love how this dress is sheer but not too revealing because of the busy print. Decided to wear tough pieces to create an edgy look.

spiked headband: Yhansy | black Napa leather vest: c/o Giordano Ladies | galaxy print sheer dress: primadonna | black matte jersey culottes: Giordano Ladies | black leather bag: Giordano Ladies | studded boots: Forever21 | bangles: Forever21

Sorry for the blurry photos. I was using my phone's camera to take this as I do not have a decent camera now. Thinking of getting a new one. Have you got any suggestions to what to get? I'm actually leaning towards the Olympus Pen line.

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